Saturday, February 14, 2009

First College Free CG And a Prickly Feeling

Just to let you know, I actually typed a whole post before this, but an unfortunate thing happened and now I have to type it all again. Anyway, this was the first college Free CG that I went to! And the only complaint I had was that I didnt get to berbonding with the older people lah. But I guess that tends to happen. Only that Justin berbonded very well with the older ppl. Oh well.
Now on to the prickly feeling part! (I typed a whole lot of descriptive stuff before this which is all gone now so dont expect this time to be better) Basically, I was sitting under the fan before Ming and Justin came. It was then that my whole head felt like it was on fire. There was this whirlpool on the top of my head, pulsating with heat and overflowing with lava. I felt my hair was fried and I had to constantly check my face to see if my nose, eyes and mouth were still there. My whole SKIN was prickling and my scalp was sweaty. Only my scalp. It was the weirdest sensation ever. When M&J came (not michael and Jackson hahaha okay not funny) we started on the chocolate fondue. Suddenly, dwarfs entered my head and started pounding at the inside of my skull with blunt pickaxes. All the while, right till the very end of the CG, I acted as if nothing was happening. BUt oooohhh! What a headache! can i say something..Sarah's sister here. GONNA MISS YOU! BYE BYE! :( (that really was my sister.. Awww.. She's going back tonight to Australia. WHY?!) Soo yeah that was basically what happened to me last night.. My head was like... on fire lah. I know I already said that but yeah. My cheeks werent red or anything.. Just the top of my head was releasing heat waves..
Anyhoooos, PICTAHS!

Yes. He took my camera and camwhored.
All of us, after the chocolate fondue.. yummeh.
I had to laugh.
Debz and Ming.
Galen (Did I spell it right?) and Sarah yong picking off the crust. Ew.

I look like crap. But anyway. Sarah. Sarah. Debz.
The nicely arranged chocolate fonduehhh bebeh.
Another angle of the chocolate fondue. Im gettin' sick of saying those two words already.
sistah esther. Rebecca. Galen.
uh.. okay.. lets do this starting from the left, clockwise. *inhales* Clar, Carmen, Lishan, Galen, Sistah Esther, Rebecca. *exhales*
Wah Tang, guy in the middle, (probably spelt it wrong too) looking bored While the girls chat animatedly about who-knows-what and Justin, the other guy sitting on the left next to sistah, joins in.
Wah Tang STILL looking bored. Yay.
Galen eating his... his.....quiche.
Oh look they talking! Yes they is!

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