Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its no use, i tell you.

You can vote as many times as you want for the Mohawk but its inevitable guys, im never going to get one.
Basically, if my parents dont let, its set, i cant get. (Wow I even rhyme unconsciously.)

Its 11.10 right now.
And you know what?
I have Physics Common Test tomorrow.
And you know what?
I honestly havent studied a single bit.
I just finished English.
And then I facebooked.
Arent I allowed to be lazy once in a while?
I cant stand it.
Off to try to make use of the last hour I have before I face the guillotine tomoro.
I wrote tomoro in my english essay. As in i spelt tomorrow as tomoro.
Fortunately i spotted it and canceled before handing up.
HAHA! bebs and bobs people. bebs and bobs.

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