Thursday, February 19, 2009

a 14-year-old made my day.

Okay.. BASICALLY some 14-year-old kid in my piano class mistook ME for another 14-year old. IT was such an experience. First time in my life, k. Usually when im STANDING NEXT TO MY SISTER, people will come up to me and congratulate me on getting into UNSW AS WELL AS ask me how im doing in Medicine. *strained smile*
Thanks, whoever you are that fourteen year old boy with the super smooth skin.
I Lowe you!!!

And yeah. WHILE everbody was busy studying their heads off for PHysics yesterday... I was waiting idly for my brain gears to start functioning so instead i rifled and rumaged through my untouched drawers and uncovered some really cool possessions that Id forgot I had!!

enjoy this vomit-inducing pictures. :) I ridiculed myself. GASP.

Look what i found, yooo betcha doont have this cool naruto itachi-like HAT!!!! NYAH!

Im wearing some pink cafeteria-lady hat on my head. But its all good.
LOL i was leaning and I pressed "capture". Sooooo yeah.
uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! ggrrr./
Im a blind person. im blind. yes. NO IM NOT LAH.

bebs and bobs.

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