Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I cant seem to wrap my mind around it.

Guess what I just found out?????
MY FATHER, my dad, he actually cares about his age!!
Well.. Im not going to mention his age here but yeah,, he is kinda halfway thru life if you know what I mean. AND as he exited my room today, he took a long look at the mirror, turning this way and that and commented on his FIGURE!! AND HIS HAIR COLOUR!! I Was so shocked.. Sigh. I guess we never really know what our parents are going through, huh? we just think theyre going to be the same age forever and be there for us all the time. I wish they could be. Sigh. I LOVE MY PARENTS EVEN THO I LET THEM DOWN ALOT!!!! :D Yes sometimes they do annoy me, but thats what parents are SUPPOSED to do, right? lol.. Love ya parents, people. I do. And im trying.. And im dead cos got math quiz tomoro. What am i doing here being all sentimental??! GAHH

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