Monday, February 23, 2009

The Blackout

Today there was power failure in Taylors College.
Ms.Geetha predicted it.
Everyone was walking around in the dark, screaming, shouting, whooping and holding up their handphones as a source of light.
I scared the crap out of Elle by coming up behind her and whispering sinisterly "Elleee....."
And now Im watching the City of Ember.
In this movie, there are many blackouts.
Coincidence, much.
Now I have a strange feeling that it was dejavu.
Ive got alot of homework which I dont know of.
I like someone's personal message very much because it rhymes uncannily.
Im rambling.
Oh and you know how the game Scissors, Paper, Stone came about?
Some China apek guy was reporting back to Caesar on the stoning of one of his subjects, Papper, and he went
"Caesers, Papper Stoned!!"
Thus, a random passer-by had a lightbulb go "ting!" above his head and the game terwujud!!!


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