Saturday, January 17, 2009

Related to the poll (warning: SUPER UGLY poser pics up ahead)

ok look, this is EXAMPLE of how id looks like with a boy's cut? i donno? IM JUST HELPING U TO VISUALIZE!
this one nonsense picture. to show you what are the super weird hairstyles i sometimes tie my hair up in whenever i think no one is looking. well. no one IS looking...

THIS picture has nothing to do with the poll. I just wannashow chloe what a FISH PLAIT LOOKS LIKE WOOT I ROCK COS I CAN DO IT MUAHA

nerd. ish.. ? no fringe people no fringe .

KIND of with fringe.. But like i will make my fringe more prominent if im choosing that...

something like this but without SO MUCH FRINGE LAH..

OKAY, this depends on you readers!! YOU WILLL HAVE TO DEECIDE the future of my hair!
Do i look better in short hair, like shown above, or in long hair? CURLY HAIR?

OR EVEN BETTER, should i get a mohawk? a pixie-style cut? boy cut? Have no fringe? Get fringe? (btw, i AM wearing clothes in that pic. dont doubt my words k.) VOTE PEOPLE!
btw old short rhyme:

If you claim you're not fusspot,
Then why make all that fuss,
If you say you're not a coward,
Then why act like such a wuss?

TRY TO ENJOY THE UGLY PICS AND VOTE UP PEOPLE! thanks! very much appreciated!


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