Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can I just

Well, unlike the rest, I have decided to wait until the first week of college is over to blog about it. What can I say?.... Well. Im enjoying myself so far. MAking LOTSA new friends. MET A GIRL CALLED SARAH TAN! (!!!!!! so different from me in terms of looks) and... well.. lets just say my class has 6 boys out of 22 students. Not that THAT's important. Just... letting you know. :D
Hahaha! So yeh.. I was struggling with physics on the first day but im sure i will suddenly... BECOME SMARTER! Tables are arranged in rows of three.. I sit with Sharon and Sacha and the coolest thing is that in the name list each of our names comes after the other! Teachers always go "OH!! ALl the S'ses' sitting together!" and id indignantly retort "TEACHER! we arent asses!!" HAHHA i wish i could say that lah. But i didnt actually. Im too nice. :D
All our teachers (5 of em) are women, and all are young and hot. Yes. ALL. ALL okay. So today Ms.Tan our chem/mentor teacher, asked us why plants couldnt get Nitrogen directly from the air. So there we were giving all the incorrect answers... Until i finallly mumbled "Why dont you ask the plants lah.." Hahaha! The class laughed. and even SHE laughed! but i still feel bad. I think its rude to retort back to teachers. So i wont do it again, no matter how FUNNY the retort is. ILL RESTRAIN MY FUNNY RETORTS! heheh. Safe to say, me and sharon and jimmy (surprise surprise) and jeremy are the main laugh inducers in class. So far everyone in my class is nice lah.. :) Our class rep.. foooowheet! LOL!
I saw Jonathan(my class) in Bangsar's CHillis! and the best thing was, he didnt even notice me even though i sat FACING HIM! (my dad was half blocking) u know why? I WAS WEARING MY LALA PANTS!!!! so embarrassing... hahaha.. And then the funniest thing happened, one of those Melay salesmen pointed at my pants and said "Eh, cantik betul ur pants! The colour sangat special!!!" I was like..... uh. okay? thanks?!! LOL! lIKE WHAT RIGHT? HE's more randomer than I AM! GOSH!
Hm.. I just realised I am attention seeking in the way that I really like it when people laugh at what i say (that i MEAN for people to laugh at) So i keep trying to be funny. Ah well.. Ill try to.. lessen it. :D But Sacha says she likes me being talkative (or at least thats what i GATHERED from what she said) so... ill just...FILTER A BIT LAH hor. lol.
The facilities in Taylors are quite the modern, and to add to that, its connected to the HCS! WOOT MUCH! And I have been meeting alot of people I knew before... like.. Kah Fai! I always meet him at random places and he NEVER RECOGNIZES ME! i didnt knowi was THAT quiet in BM class wei. and... MELISSA! FROM MY CHURCH! and.. WMS-ians looking their best. hehe. *grin* So yeah. I hope this will be a great year. I will try to do MY best and YOU should too! Let's encourage each other and be building blocks for each other to climb straight to the top! YES! OPTIMISM! YES!!!

Peenut buttah cookee-o! XD XD
bebs and bobs.

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