Thursday, January 15, 2009

fahni + blue deh.

So my mom was on the phone talking to my eliau (uncle) about some medicine that he bought. You see, my dear eliau was not sure whether he bought the right medicine for his ailment. (wellll it wasnt THAT bad.) So my mom asked him to spell out the name of the medicine. Just to let you know, my eliau ONLY SPEAKS CHINESE (i dont know how many dialects) but ONLY within the boundaries of the chinese language lah k. So it went like this:

(Translation into English)
Mom: Okay, spell out the word which is the name of the medicine.
Eliau: Ahh there is some word here at the back in small letters...
Mom: Okay then spell it out.
Eliau: D...i...
Mom: Okay... Go on..
Eliau: G...u....n....
Mom: (a bit puzzled) Mmmmm Ive never heard of that medicine before..
Eliau: a....k.....
Mom: What is the word, eliau? Ive never heard of it!!
Eliau: a.....n..., OH!! DIGUNAKAN!!

Sarah in the background eavesdropping: HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL ROFL ROFL

Then my mom had to tell him that it was a Melay word for use. My eliau is so cute!!! XD my gosh never met anyone cuter!

Anyway for LAN subject, we currently have THREE PROJECTS PENDING.
1. Out of 20 topics, choose one to present on powerpoint (we have so far cancelled out 15 topis which we were CERTAIN we did not WANT to do at ALL.)
2. Composing and then performing the Unity Song. (not really my cuppa tea, my songs are usually about love-struck mushy people/ nonsense)
3. Current issues.

AND for BIO next Wed, we have to act out the transcription and translation process.....
I dont know how THATS gonna work out.
Plus im just listing this out so that I, ME and MYSELF knows what to remember hahahah!!

as time passes.... lmao!!!

why am i surrounded by hot girls.. sigh.. those of you who went to other colleges, start regretting right NOW that you didnt come to Taylors Hartamas.. This place is freaking teeming with hot girls. Hot girls at every corner, every nook and cranny, every JUNCTION!!!Sheesh. SHEESH.

So yeah anyway.. On Tuesday, i managed to get everyone to agree to wear blue the following day.
AS USUAL there were some really blur/colourblind (i dont know la) people like WAI KIT AND JIMMY who wore colours totally not related to blue.
But we forgive them. We are family. bwahahhaah.

beforehand, i regret to inform you that i have no pictures of Shawn.. I dont know why!! and If anyone was missed out, call me on the phone, swear at me, yell at me , WHATEVER!!! At least after that Ill remember to post your picture up. eheh. ehehehe. okay. well here ya GO PEEPAL!

the pretty blue trio.
I got a picture of Jon AFTER all. With the expense of jia yung looking just slightly blue. (did i use the word expense in the right context? Im not sure. someone enlighten my burdened mind. go on.)
At some point, people started gathering around my place. We started talking about all things chinese. Chinese language mainly. And everyone got an audition. Lynn lost. LOL. but shes proud to say it. LOUD AND PROUD I SAY! And we started writing chinese. and ngam is duck!
HOTNESS AGAIN! RUN PEOPLE! RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK! okay. anyway. left is Sacha (not single) and Chloe (not available). Oh and did i mention Sharon is not available OR single either? Muahahahahaha
Yeap, Cup maggie. We decided to act like die-hard thrifty people. But of course we failed. Cos today we ate out for a meal for RM6 ONLEH BEBEH!! Anyway. Its an advertisement.
Sharon says "If you eat this, you might possibly have a chance to be as hot and sexeh as me!"
lmao sorry sharon. :) p.s.: that was home-flown chopsticks!!! I thought it would be cooler. lol.
from left, jeremy, wai-kit, han liang and OH MY!! ITS JONATHAN! (of whom i did not manage to get a picture of. He cunningly evaded my sharp camera lens. sob.) Well as you can see, these people are discussing ways to take over the campus while doing it casually. I caught you guys ANYWAY. bwahah.
*gasp* look!! IT's SHARON AGAIN!!!!!!! Well. The main subject in this picture is supposed to be CT. I know him by no other name. Okay, maybe i call him Siew Mai sometimes but who cares? ITS CT MAN! RELATIVE OF SITI NURHALIZA! *applauds*
none otha than hui jin!! HUI JIN!!! hui jin in blue!!!!!!!!!! (see la, got nothing to say so start blabbering nonsense. sorry hui jin.)
jacky, and hui sin! people who have become accustomed to correcting my super BLAH chinese and laughing whenever i mess up. >_> thanks guys. LOL.
mistah jeremy! da one that can talk really well. as in, really well lor. HEY JEREMY try debating la!!!!!
brenda on left (the one who was once emo, i like to say) and AMALYNA!! (kata nama am!!!) both in bluest of blues. True blues these ones are.. eheh. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!
dee OTHA colourblind Wai Kit. Cis. :)
jimmy the cricket! As i address him. Not to be mean or anything. His name just reminded me of the cricket from Pinnochio. BUT LOOK! HE IS NO CRICKET! but he sure is colourblind.. >_>
and then we realised Sharon matched the wall. O_O like REALLY MATCHEd. hahaha this is one of the HOTNESS too as you obviously can see/already KNOW BY NOW!
Sorry cant really see, I have got clearer pictures but Im afraid lynn might keel me. She very scary. But look! HOT! :D :D :D
petite and quiet little Jia Yung giggling at the antics of once again who-knows-what. Who-knows-what is a really popular character. Havent you noticed?
han liang who shocked us with his so-called nickname : Hanney a.k.a honey. But Chem teacher seems to enjoy it. lol!!!
wei ZHI pointing at who-knows-what. Maybe it was lynn's hot bod. Who knows. Who knows...

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