Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I came back today to discover that I would be going for the Inkheart movie later in the evening.
And now Im back.

Ill give it a very EXCLUSIVE 8.5/10.
Brendan Fraser's acting has once again proved mediocre, but I feel his role was not major in this movie. Stardust STILL remains one of my favourite movies of all time.
Extra points for bimbotic but dishy Farid in the movie, a yummy eye-candy that certainly gave the movie an extra perk.
Their British grandmother who lives in Italy also gave some good laughs. Well, at least I THINK she's British. Otherwise, why the accent?
Anyhow, pretty good movie overall.
Bedtime stories was a cheesy but also quite decent. Alot of loud-head-thrown-back-laughter ensued in the cinema, mainly thanks to that other Brit guy.. some Brit comedian that also acted in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Im sorry, Im really not good with names.
ANYWAY, since Ive watched this movie before everybody else, I might as well tell you to go and check it out if you like fantasy-happy-endings sort of movies. Im a sucker for those types. hehe.
Thanks to my sister for winning premier tickets!!! :) She rocks, and not only cuz she won those tickets okay.

Also, tommorow we will be having the Eclipse party, as I have mentioned.
I really dont know what to wear.
Everybody's gonna look so nice while I look like some kelefeh hobo. Oh well.
No matter, I always look like one so I guess it wont make much of a difference?
Oh and today I met many good looking guys!!

*googles bimbotic Farid*
bebs and bobs.

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WanAmalyna said...

HAHA. Everone had an eglish accent except that guy!!!!! so fake!!:p