Sunday, January 4, 2009

So the following is the result of my rather sad and miserable poll. I did it for fun, really. And.. it was kind of fun. LOL. HEREEEEE ARE THE RESULTS:

-THREE people think im a nut.
-FIVE people think im a crazy hyperactive child. (say What??)

-SEVEN people think im a crazy, fun-loving person. (thats right people, thats the way!)
-ONE person has never heard of me (HOW CAN U NOT KNOW THE SARAH SARTAY!! doom befalleth you! i kid.)
-ONE person thinks im a pedophile. (which is SO-so true lah.... not that bad case till i do the yucky things)
-TWO logical practical people think im a human. (what think, of course la, think what, no need to think!)
-and TWO people think im a hamster in Gorilla's backyard. (wthey? i just ran out of ideas and put that and you VOTED FOR THAT? what does it even MEAN? dont look at me, my random brain thought of it!!)

so, with that, i would like to thank the people who took part in my wittle poll and... well....... yeah!
happy college starting! lets look forward to the day with much enthusiasm and eagerness!!!.... yeah.

bebs and bobs.

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