Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sooo. yeah. Im a big show-off by making my marks the main title. BUT WHO CARES?? AFTER SPENDING THREE HOURS ++ in burning B.O/LITERALLY SMOKING HELL, I PASSED! YAYY!!

Thanks God. THANKS. SO MUCH.

And wellll, can someone explain to me why people like smoking? why? WHY? THE FOUL SMELL!
*says in high-pitched voice* OOooooohhhhHH how FUN! Im contaminating my lungs! HAHA! JOy!

Gah. GAH. Im so pissed right now cuz Im so fat. AND i havent finished my homework. COZ I WASTED THREE ++ HOURS! DOING! NOTHING!

so im off to do SOMETHINg now.

bebs and bobs.

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