Saturday, January 3, 2009


I studied my ARSE off the whole day yesterday to take my theory (driving test) today and the bloody connection is down!!!!!

THE CONNECTION, IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can lahh.. how can... what is this?!! Ah well, at least i have a few more days to study? AAAAHHH last minute cramming is so effective but it doesnt become effective after TWO DAYS LA STUPID CONNECTION!@!!!!!!!!@!!@!@!!!!

so onto what i REALLY wanna talk about.
This is a new year. 2009. The outcome of the year is what we make it to be, usually. Is what we DO with the year that counts, usually. I say usually because unforeseen circumstances may somewhat affect the course of your life along the way but mostly it is our actions. I may speak like im stuffed with freaking knowledge and wisdom, but this post, is directed to ME. I type out what I want myself to UNDERSTAND. Like how i always type out my schedule in Msn conversations. :) Its a strange habit.

Oh one more thing, i just found out I can stare at an object (with a blank stare) for more than fifteen minutes.. All this while I had myself thinking that I have a very short attention span, but i have finally proved myself wrong by displaying an amazing skill of stoning and staring into space for a long period of time. Now, if only i could shift that stare to a long paragraph of text containing facts and absorb it. That would be just dandy.

I have also concluded that I am indeed a very critical, judgemental person as commented by my friends last year. But its only when I WANT to be. Most of the time I just analyse what people wear the very minute I lay my eyes on them. But by analysing, I do not mean degrade/ make fun of. I just like to see what different styles people have, what they wear, how they talk/walk/act. I enjoy observing people. Which sometimes leads people to assume I am some stalker. Which I am so not. So get ur facts straight, you minipoopies. :)

Since i call girls Bebs, I shall henceforth call boys in general Bobs.

Bye, bebs and bobs.

And a berry verry happy birthday (belated) To sarah yong. I really did enjoy your birthday party. I made new friends!! :D And that dare was quite embarrassing. If only I did it right, then maybe I could have scared more innocent passerbys. LOL! Mwah dear. Glad you like the book!

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