Tuesday, January 20, 2009

500 hits

deserves a story from me.
Oh well its not as if a story from me is like something people are YEARNING for or anything but I feel like writing so ZIP it and read.
Plus, I dont think my poll is gonna help much in its current state.. >_> its all tied!
Sharon did a good job with her speech today!! :D

so here goes: *inhales*
So I woke up that morning, took a look in the mirror while brushing my teeth, and let out a shriek that could be heard three blocks away.
"What the HELL is WRONG with my eye?!!!!" I yelled in despair. I had a party held annually by my company that night, and had it all set to blow everyone's mind away with my fabulous dress and my equally fabulous body (from tirelessly working out in the gym every SINGLE day to get to this day) and now I'd have to blow everybody's EYES out so they wouldnt see my ugly,swollen eye. I even looked like that notre dame guy! What was his name again? I dont know. Not that he was ugly or anything but HELL!
Frantically grabbing my car keys and racing to the doctor's, I found out (surprise surprise) that it was some kind of gross infection due to Blah blah BLAH (i wasnt listening). What I REALLY wanted to know was how the doctor could cure it. IMMEDIATELY. "Im sorry, but this will probably last two days even after applying the cream." the doctor told me, sounding regretful. Aghast, I cried aloud "But Im going to a party tonight! And Ive got everything ready! I was going to amaze everybody!!!!! But now Ive got some monster eye and..and... "
"Im sorry. But maybe this will help?" the doctor said while fumbling about in his drawer.
Eager to see what magical contraption he would pull out to "poof" my eye back to its normal, beautiful state, I was miserably disappointed when he yanked out a black eye patch.
"I cant wear this!! Im not going for some masquerade party, and neither am I dressing up as Caption friggin' HO CRUNCH!" I yelled indignantly in my doctor's face. Seemingly used to this kind of behaviour from his patients, my doctor calmly shrugged and ushered me out the door.
I stood outside the clinic, lamely holding the eyepatch in my hand.

Later that night, after I had finished dressing up in my pressed, silk, fitting dress (bought at a REASONABLE price at Barney's, SUCH a steal!), wore that gross eye-patch and went to the hairdresser's to obtain my springy, freshly-curled hair, I critically surveyed myself in the mirror. Twisting this way and that, I reassured myself. "Surely this eyepatch wont affect my image much. They'll probably thing Im some sexy, mysterious girl." Turning the other way while fluffing up my hair, I added "Yes, yes. They'll be DYING to know whats underneath that patch. Calm down, Selena. You look fantastic. Just breaaattthheeee...." Giving my dress a final smooth-down, I drove to the club where the party was held.

Walking confidently in, I used my good eye to spot my friends who were flirtatiously chatting up a buff man near the bar. Pushing my way through the crowd, I heard some guys saying appreciatively "Looking good, babe." "Pert bum, lady!" Just as soon as I thought it would be alright, I suddenly heard someone snicker. Turning to him, he winked and said "Arrr, ye alrightie, matey?" His mates laughed and one more added "Ay, aye cap'ian! How bout we look for your treasure?" Stalking off furiously, I viciously shoved people aside and finally reached my friends. "Hey lady, how YOU doing?" the buff man asked smilingly. "How do you THINK im doing, big guy? I guess all that working out had some adverse effect on your brain, huh?"I snapped. Looking hurt, the buff man trudged away. "Sel!! How COULD YOU! We were going to bag him for your birthday tomorrow!!!" Jill cried. "Well, I dont WANT him for my birthday okay?" I said, crabbily. "Oooh, it's about your eye-patch isn't it?" Eriena asked, looking concerned. "Poor girl. This is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Come ere', let Tina-tins give you a hug." said Tina amiably, while opening her arms in a welcoming gesture. Calming down, I hugged Tina and replied "Yeah. This eye-patch just ruined everything.But I shouldnt have been so rude to that big guy." "And he WAS pretty yummy." I admitted. They all giggled.

that's all for now. *exhales*

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