Monday, January 5, 2009

Party at Aunt Pixie's

So yeah, instead of going to my Ama's house like I usually do every Sunday, I went to my mom's best friend's posh house for a 7 star rated dinner! (seven out of seven stars!! dont ask me why seven is the highest ranking but for me, SEVEN IS! serious!!! look at 8, got two zero. look at 9, one zero can be seen. 10 EVEN WORSE! ONE EGG THERE!so seven k.)
As I arrived, I stepped out of the car to be greeted with the sight of a huge, looming house rising up from the ground in all its splendour. Reaching the gigantous door, I heaved open the door with no difficulty despite its large size. My eyes feasted on the sight of well-landscaped calm ponds with large glass windows.
Now look, why am i making this sound like a fiction story?? Ill just tell you the rest the PROPER MALAYSIAN WAY LAH OKAY.
So i went in and saw some poeple seated in the living room. Then i saw this guy who looked awfully familiar. I supposed my staring was obvious cos then that guy stared back. So ill fast forward and just tell y'all that THAT guy was an ex-WMSian... And he looked familiar cos he was from my school and Id see him now and then. He's 21 and is doing law. and why am i giving personal details of him to my dear readers? why? im just being weird thats why.
All the while I stood there awkwardly greeting the aunts and uncles. These people are my mom's close knitted bunch of good friends but I had never met any of their children. Odd, huh? except for Su Mei and Su Yiin (daughters of Aunt Pixie's) during a trip. I just found it odd that I had never met them. So okay, everyone came slowly... Jung..Shun? and... Js* bro?? came. Js* I dont know how to spell his name. Haha he tried on two shirts and he looked to gleeful when everyone praised him!! how cute!! LOL!
Then Su Mei and Su Yiin made their appearance along with Su Chean (i think thats how its spelt, oops?) and gave us a tour of their house. Its so cool man. There is even this glass bridge leading to personal workspace! And me with my big kepochi nose, stuck it everywhere it felt like going. I very KPC wan lah.... Insatiable curiousity. So then we came down, and..... the...BROTHER makes an appearance!! (uh-oh. I just realised i forgot his name. CRAP! WHATS WRONG WITH ME!) and.... then we just sat around doing nothing la basically. But I was too intrigued by everything around me to feel bored. Hehe.. MY eyes darted from corner to corner.
Then Aunt Irene's two sons came. Geoffrey (I KNOW RIGHT SO COOL!! never met anyone by that name...) and Jason(same age as me and drinks white wine and coffee like their water...) came and thats when the party truly started. Aunt Pixie (THANK YOU!) bustled around the kitchen for the finishing touches and the two maids served the food. Their dining table was MAGNIFICIENT! Well.. the ones where the "adults" and the "older uni people" sat. Apparently the age limit for that dining table was 21 and above. The rest of us sat in the...dry kitchen i think. But I have no complaints whatsoever. IT was JUST as fantastic with exactly the same replicas of food served at the same table except in smaller portions.
As you can imagine, there were some really awkward bouts of silence in between short conversations between all six of us. Hmm.. I think ill do a short summary about each of their looks. No insults included. Im gonna go clockwise...
Su Mae: Hot girl at 16 wearing orange who is very outgoing and sweetlooking.
Su Yiin: Hot girl numbah two my age wearing a black sleeveless shirt looking very demure and petite.
Jung.. SHUN AAH IDONNOHOWTOSPELL: Boy at 19 (i think) who has super polite table manners and is very quiet but as mentioned, VERY POLITE. LEARN FROM HIM PEOPLE.
Jason: Boy my age who.... was wearing red and as mentioned, drinks white and red wine like water. Not really lah im exaggerating. But it sounds nicer. He looks hyper. The first/second jason i met that isnt annoying.
Geoffrey: Boy 20 year old with cool hair (iwant) wearing grey who looks very alike my cousin. Has immaculate manners.
Empty seat: Where my younger brother was supposed to be.

So yeah... we havent met each other before.. The J&G bro's met the S sisters before, and Ive met the S sisters before, so we made a tiny triangle. Firsrt the G bro asked our ages and schools (basic intro to standard conversation stuff) then we moved on to small talk. hahaha.. Just random stuff here and there (MOST of the random stuff coming from me, and weird looks from the rest) while enjoying the super delish yummy food! hahah, k then after that the older people joined us for a game of cards. I learnt a new card game! Im totally clueless tho.. I just ask people sitting beside me what my set of cards mean... Then that Wei Yang will be like "AIYOO there you got the 8, can!!!!" ahahahah he mustve gotten a bit annoyed. :P

So overall... IT was quite enjoyable as I got to meet so many new people! (And all are decent-looking +++, if u understand what im trying to say) I hope there will be more to come. :D
SUPER LONG POST LEH.... want to type mah. let ur eyes SUFFER!!! MWAHAH!
So now rest your eyes with PICTURES!! Su Yiin, here they are!

The THREE pretty sisters ^
All of the "in" teenagers wei.. hahaha
The "formal" pose...
The cool men posing with the car but unfortunately the car not so visible..
The Fabulous Five... Look at Aunt pixie!! MONEY GALORE! XD
And a final grin before leaving. :)

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