Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I picked my phone..

...and said "Hello?"

And Jimmy said "The sign we stick on our manly chest."
We doubled over.

Basically our Biology assignmen-which was to act out translation and transcription- well you COULD say it was a little messed up.
IT WAS TOTALLY MESSED UP due to the fact we never had a single practice session and we were all yelling and fighting at the front of the class when we were actually supposed to start acting.
At least it gave the class alot of laughs..

And what can I say about Jimmy's band full of boys demonstration? PRETTY funny. Especially when jimmy is in. Jimmy is those sort of Joshua Yip's (WMS-ians you know what Im talking about) but yes, do not let that deceive you. He is popping full'a brains. However, I have reason to believe that Jon was sexually harrassed during the show.

Anyhow, Bio became the most eventful subject of the day. Not long after we all had presented our sketches on the assigned topics, teacher started her lecture. And wonders of wonders, my phone rang.
*Switchfoot's Gone playing loudly*
So I hurriedly scrabbled for my phone in my bag. Taking a look at the number, i HONESTLY presumed it was (THE ENEMY, for those who dont know, well, its better you dont know.)

So I did the most natural thing someone would do when his/her phone rang.
I answered.


The class errupted into uncontrollable laughter.
Not knowing what I had done wrong, I just shouted into the receiver "IM HAVING CLASS NOW YOU IDIOT. SHUT UP!"
I really, TRULY thought it was (THE ENEMY)
but turns out it wasnt.
anyway, a split second after I hung up furiously, it registered in my mind.
i was supposed to REJECT THE CALL.
Fool= me. Yes i know.
But i DID apologise to teacher afterward. This sore throat must have done something to my brain... Im not socially aware of the ettiques of being in the presence of teachers.
Fool= me.
And thats not the only blunder I made. Turns out the person on the phone whom I thought was (THE ENEMY) was actually, Danial, my senior.
I was chagrined.
I apologised non-stop (Hey I called him an idiot for no reason, I should've been shot, really) and yes, he was such a cool, self-less, nice, amazing guy that he forgave me.

thanks Danial :) :)

So ho ho and ha ha, tomoro we have the Orientation party themed Eclipse and Sharon said she would wear a yellow dress and i would wear a black one, and together, we could form the eclipse!
Its nonsense, anyhow. IM gonna wear purple.

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