Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Right Now Sharon is watching me type this post. Im using the computer in college (illegally) and im DEAD TIRED. I FEEL SO SLEEPY I FEEL LIKE DRINKING FIVE CUPS OF COFFEE! BUT THATS THE PROBLEM! I DONT LIKE COFFEE!!

And the plan worked, most of my class members are wearing blue.
Except for some SESAT people who go and wear purple... LOL.
So i went around snapping photos and i think ill be doing that ALL DAY LONG annoying the crap out of people. Oh well. ALLLLL To my advantage. HAHA!

So yeah... Sharon keeps telling me "Ur CRAZEE!"
Well.. who's to say Im not?
Me and Sharon is going to enjoy our MEE CUP SEGERA With the hot water from college mannn.. WOOOOOTTTT WE ROCKZZZZSSXXXX~!!!! (lala-fied)

bebs and bobs

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