Thursday, January 22, 2009

so WHOS the birthday girl?

SHARON TURNS 18 on this wunnerful day!
The day that all mankind rejoices for a beautiful baby who has grown up to be a hottie hot hottie has been born!!!

SHARON NG! (not putting full name in case people can stalk her)
what CAN i say about sharon ng..Well.
Ive just found out how crazy she can be. Which is PRETTY CRAZY.
And all the "hum-hum-hum-hum-hurm" sounds she likes to make when she "chews" on my arm.
Not only that, but her outburst of laughter is like "whoa..."
Also, she talks a gibberish kind of language which im pretty sure only she and the air particles around her truly understand.

Yet, despite all these weird but cute perks she has, EVERYBODY who meets her be he/she 6 years old OR 56 years old, they all are completely taken up by her.
Well duh. First of all, she's a wholesome, smart, all-rounded girl. Smart, respects her peers, sweet, hot, slim, pretty, HOT (oh, ive already mentioned that?) and well... she's just amazingly likable. There is something about her that draws everyone who sets his/her eyes on her, TO her.
Even I, the person observer and analyst cannot fully comprehend her magnetic powers.
No seriously. You should come over to Taylors. ITS ALL SHARON-CRAZY YO!!!
Hehehe. Im really trullllllyyy blessed to be a part of Sharon's circle of friends.
I hope that this year will be a great one for you, Sharon, especially since IM SITTING BESIDE YOU!! HAHA! Lets rock this year, mah dear! I LOVETH YOU!! MUcH MUCH MUCHO.

well. I thought I had many nice pictures of Sharon because of today. But I just remembered. I was using HER camera. *slaps forehead in frustration* SO ULL JUST HAVE TO MAKE DO WITH THESE ONES! :D

Wooooh look pretty in black and white too man! what can this girl NOT do, i mean REALLY!

aww look at that face! aint it just simply adorable?!
Yeah the one on the right is Sharon like DUH. And read the last post if you have anything to say about me. thanks.

anywayy.. I love you Sharon and Ill always have your back. Please keep being crazy cuz life wont be fun without you. :) hugsandkisses!!

and sharon, please, dont scroll down. LOL. thanks. Just stop reading after uve reached the end of this post. thank ya! :D :D Love yah

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