Thursday, January 22, 2009

Orientation Party

Uhuh, so its going to start in half an hour, and I just broke Sharon's bag. I feel really bad. Sigh. Parties dont usually start so good. Anyway, Shawn is saying that its cool to blog right now. (Said as he walks by me while I use the computer) and my hair has a beeg bump in it cuz i tied it high for the earlier part of the day. Sigh.
On the other hand, everyone looks fantastic. And im active in blogging as Wei Zhi just said to me. Im not! SERIOUSLY! I just, blog whenever Im free. Which is alot. Cos usually I dont like doing work and then i blog lah.. simple je. math equation. ANywayyy Jia Yung said my typing is really fast but its not true cos this is counted pretty slow already. And Brenda is on-looking as I type nonsense into this white box. Anyway.. this orientation party is relationship-ist. Blue ribbon for those who are taken, pink ribbon for single people. So i took blue. Know why?

eh its true werd. Anyway i better not waste my time wasting nonsense and filling peoples lives with rubbish but INSTEAD go and compensate for my mistake by helping Sharon fix her bag. Sigggghh! I feel so bad! and plus when i saw danial, he HAD to bring it up. In a joking way of course. But I still bad.. And Melissa is like "ur blogging here ah?" AHAHAHA! yeah i kno right so jobless. well anyhoos.
Sarah debs Mel me, josh and ming are gonna make up Bangsar CG!
I HOPE we can have fun. I really hope i dont have to act all prim and proper all the time.
Its tiring...
And someone called me Barney cos im wearing purple. not someone actually. THE WHOLE CLASS. MEANIES. Hmph. BYe

bebs and bobs

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