Sunday, January 18, 2009

it runs in the family..

Idrather start complaining bout college homework but instead, ill move on to something of lighter nature.

Yeh see, my sister was getting ready to go to a party. So me and my mom were in my room with my sister (my room is like the city centre, its the 'in' place where everything people like to use is placed) picking out her jewelry. And I had this long necklace with a monkey pendant, see. So we were trying on necklace after necklace when my mom said "Here Esther!! *points at monkey pendant necklace* Try this Mickey Mouse necklace!!" I retorted ,"Thats not Mickey Mouse lah, mom." My mom, indignant at being talked back to by her daughter, once again insisted "That's Mickey Mouse!!! Mickey mouse is a monkey werd!!!" Upon saying that, my sister and I gave her a long, hard look. Pausing for a moment, she mentally reviewed the words she had just uttered. Finally, a ray of light burst through the dense clouds and my mom said "Oh yeah hor. Mickey mouse is a mouse."

I know, right?
Im probably going to be worse than that.
Even at my supposedly youthful age, I have trouble remembering things.
Examples of future slips of the tongue (that can be imagined) :
"Bugs bunny is an elephant ma, no meh??"
"Eh, that chicken rice got what kind of meat ah? Pork is it??"
"What is our country, Malaysia, called already ah??"

bebs and bobs.

p.s: now to the DARKER SIDE. Jimmy knows Justin!! Why am i NOT surprised?!!
Justin: The smartest freak (meant in a nice way) in our entire form, who knows everything and doesn't need to mug it like the rest of us do.
Jimmy (even tho ive only known him for 2 weeks, I can safely say this) : ONE of the smartest freaks (also meant in a nice way) in my entire class, who knows Physics like the back of his hand and can solve Maths like its elementary stuff.

Jimmy = college version of Justin.

Im gonna start losing my mind, I swear. I struggle with everything!!!
With all these smart people (and I MEAN smart) surrounding me, I'm sure some of their "smartness" is BOUND to rub off me.
keep dreaming, Sarah, or should I do it for you?
WAittaminuteeee, IM SARAH!

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