Monday, January 26, 2009

poser pics once again. applause please!

OOOHHH YEs people..
This MOO MOO NIU NIU chinese NIU year, im gonna start it by posting poser pics! OH MY!
Before that,
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR you lovely darlings! I will be posting pics of my cousins, of course.. But thats like.. in the near future lah. I might be going to Teluk Intan REALLY soon.. I really hope they have cafes with internet connection there, or else I wont be able to do a SINGLE PIECE OF MY COLLEGE HOMEWORK. Thats the little glitch in having ONLINE HOMEWORK!!
RESEARCH research research, in my own words!! I have plenty of crap to say, but I cant do those formal types, yknow??? Random: I BOUGHT A SKIRT! YAY!
Anyhoos.. here ya go!! HAHA!! MOOOOOOO!! oh come on people, this is REALLY very few pictures.. bear with me here..

i loved the details on this red dress.. Can you see the top? i wanted to buy it really but as you can see


WanAmalyna said...

Eh Sarah! You look like Miley Cyrus in the last pic! Something about your face lah!

Simon hunk said...