Wednesday, January 14, 2009

strictly come.. astericks HAHAHA

*yells an Indian war-whoop*
*goes around sticking spears into people's college notes*
*pours all their notes into a big cauldron*
*pours a secret chemical 'Y' (chemical 'X' idea was stolen by The Professor from Powerpuff Girls) into cauldron*
*Sings When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls*
*Wriggles back and forth to Beyonce's Single Ladies*
*Strange things happen inside the cauldron*
*Sarah continues shaking her bum*
*Everyone's notes combine and forms the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING Notes that will shoot and engrave information in the reader's brain*
*Sarah holds up the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING notes in much glee and starts prancing around*
*Rain starts pelting down from the sky*
*Ink on the SUPERULTIMATECHUNTEDAMAZING notes blot and smear and become incomprehensible*
*Sarah stares at notes in despair and wring her hands all the while asking "why?! WHY?!!*
*Sarah wakes up from nightmare*

I really did dream that.
TAKE THAT FOR RANDOMNESS! BWAHAH! YOu suckahs cant even come up with something THAT ORIGINAL! BwahahahhaAH! *being a total prudish prick*

Out one day, walking one day,
Out one day with you, hallelujah,
We found a wood with trolleys on wheels,
Rolling all around the hills-hallelujah

bebs and bobs.

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